Psychology is the study of human mind and behavior. It is a science following a systematic approach for analyzing human mind, thought, behavior and acts. There is an immense scope in this area. Right from doctors, teachers and police department are seeking help from psychologists and have come out with excellent results. With negative impact on people in  growing modernism and comparison in the society the demand for psychologists is increasing regularly. 


Aspirants can choose psychology as a subject in senior secondary. After that, one can pursue graduation in psychology and later on, can go a higher degree like MA or M.Sc. in Psychology. Apart from that- One Year Diploma course in special education or mental retardation can also be opted for after graduation.

As for personal traits, aspirant psychologists should have excellent communication skills and patience. Furthermore, for building a career as a psychologist, one has to be sensitive as well as caring.

Course Detail:

Graduation in Psychology:

Duration: 3 Year

PG Diploma Courses:

P.G.Diploma in C.A.H Psychology

P.G. Diploma in Child Psychology care & Management

P.G. Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology

P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Development Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Career Prospects:

Clinical Psychologist

Counselling Psychologist

Social Psychologist

Educational Psychologist

Industrial Psychologist

Development Psychologist


Private Agencies


Social Welfare Organizations

Rehabilitation Center