What is Makeup & Beautician?

The makeup industry is one that will continue to grow and so will the demand for professionals who specialize in makeup. Those who are passionate about making people beautiful can definitely make a career out of it. There are a lot of things to learn about to become a good makeup artist. You would need to develop and master the art of giving a flawless look to brides, corporate women and others in general. There are various beauty and makeup classes offered by beauty schools and colleges and you can definitely enrol in them for a course in cosmetology. The academic focus in the realm of makeup can help you develop careers as makeup professionals in films, spas, or television sets.

Students receive a diploma or a certificate after they complete their course. They become certified cosmetologists or makeup artists. These trained and professional artists can then take up and work privately, by opening their own salons and provide consultation for clients on an individual basis. They can also choose to work on film sets, work on television artists, or become theatre assistants. In these courses, students are taught various aspects of makeup and they get to explore hair styling, how to take care of skin, how to apply flawless makeup, how to cover up skin blemishes and issues with makeup etc. 

Eligibility Criteria for Makeup Courses

There are no specific eligibility criteria for Makeup and Beautician courses. Candidates can enrol in the courses offered at the top beauty and makeup colleges In India right after they complete their class 10th. There is no requirement of previous knowledge of makeup and beauty or related equipment as well.

The candidates join a makeup and beauty college as a naive and, comes out as a professional after learning the following skills: 

Makeup and Beautician Course Subjects and Syllabus 

The common topics that are imparted through any makeup course are: 

Common Topics for Makeup and Beautician Course


Brow shaping

Corrections and sculpting 

Skincare and hygiene 


HD makeup for photography, filmography and fashion shows 

Techniques skin tones

Airbrush techniques for flawless looks

Client management 

Makeup techniques and consultation 

Bondo transfers

Bleaching, waxing, threading, masques


Corporate/ bridal/ party makeup 

Advanced facials, cleanups, skin treatment 

Given below are some of the courses offered by the beauty and makeup institutes in India:

Beautician and Makeup Courses

This is an important session that students get to learn about how to work as a makeup artist and deal with applying corrective applications in terms of cosmetics for the skin, eyes, cheeks and lips. In this class, students practice and learn about how to apply makeup that is appropriate for daily needs, how to apply makeup for special days, high fashion and how to correctly apply makeup when appearing as models for fashion-related photography- both digital and print photography. Students are taught how to apply foundation, which foundation to apply on which particular skin tone, blushes, mascara eyeliner for the eyes, applying lip liner, gloss and lipstick etc. Makeup courses also include classroom demonstrations and theoretical understanding of face shapes, what to how to apply makeup on particular skin tones, the theory of colour, new trends in cosmetics and different application styles. 

  • Course on Hairstyling 

You can start with basic hairstyling course once you are done with the makeup course. This is an elective course that covers a complete training of the styling tools, like rollers both hot and cold, blow dryers, hot irons, their uses for creating new hairstyles that enhance the look for any occasion. They are also taught how to manage the hair and style it according to facial structures and occasions. 

  • Course on Airbrushing 

This is an elective class where students are taught the correct methods of using an airbrush machine, ways to apply the correct techniques on both the body and the face. Airbrushing classes also include the use of tanning and makeup applications, colouring prosthetics for using developing special effects or films, television or theatre. This class can be taken up after the basic makeup course, along with it or after classes. 

  • Course on Stage Makeup 

Theatre makeup is often different and students need to learn how to work with different directors who have different expectations in terms of characters, situations, theatrical lighting, and whether it is for the stage, film or video. Makeup artists also need to develop certain historical characters or a character in horror movies. Here, students would be taught to create bruises, injuries, and abrasions with the help and use of cosmetics, prosthetics etc, and they need to know how to apply the ageing effect on actors. Students would be taught how to add facial and body hair and conceal the head with bald caps etc. 

  • Makeup Course on Special Effects 

Special effects or SFX makeup is taught both in a lab and a classroom setting. Students are taught about how to apply makeup on the body and the face. The course includes the teaching of prosthetic casting, sculpting, painting etc, and students need to practice working with latex, silicone, and foam rubber. Special effects course includes the building of multiple-piece looks with the usage of prosthetics, makeup and hair for achieving complicated effects.


Course Duration and Fees 

Fees vary from one institute to the other. On average, it can be between INR 20,000 to 50,000. There are numerous centres that offer good courses. The top-rated ones can charge higher fees when compared to the charges of centres that provide training locally. 

The course duration ranges from one institute to another. Courses can range from three months a year. 

For a makeup artist to be successful, aspiring artists need to have a strong foothold in the industry and may need to be a licensed cosmetologist. There are associate degree programs and certificate programs in esthetics, cosmetology, and makeup artistry. With the help of these programs, you can cover important topics like hair styling, makeup products, nail application, skincare products and methods of hairstyling and makeup application. Any good makeup artistry program should ideally include skincare regimen, application of makeup, removal of makeup, hair styling, different application techniques, application of makeup for special effects, airbrush methods and how to select colours based on skin tone and occasion. 

Student can opt for one of the following courses to be a pro at makeup: 

  • Esthetician Programs

  • Make-Up Artist Courses

  • Make-Up Artist Training

Students can apply for online courses as well and apply for distance learning programs for Online Cosmetology Certificates, Online Esthetician Training, and Online Make-Up Courses as well. 

Makeup and Beauty Career Scope

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment prospects of makeup artists, hairstylists, and cosmetologists can have a growth rate of 13% in the time span between 2012-2022. Competition would be tough especially for those who are aiming to get employed at high-end organizations, movie houses and other establishments. But those who are aiming for the theatrical or performing arts sector might find a lower rate of growth. expect slower-than-average job growth of three per cent during the same time period. From the BLS data drawn from 2012 shows that makeup artists and cosmetologists can earn $26,790 on yearly basis. 

Given the boom in the makeup trade, there would be no dearth of employment but students need to remember that the base work should be strong and based on what the client is looking for. Once things come together, makeup as a lucrative career option will continue to attract more and more artists.


FAQs for Makeup and Beauty Courses

Q. What are some good colleges offering beauty and makeup courses in India?

A. Some of the colleges offering Beauty and Makeup courses are: 

Lakme Academy, Mumbai Lakme Academy, New Delhi Lakme Academy, Kanpur
Lakme Academy, Ahmedabad Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, Mohali ISAS International Beauty School, Pune
VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition LTA School of Beauty, Mumbai

JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai

Q. What are some courses in Makeup and Beauty?

A. The courses offered in Beauty and Makeup vary for each institute in terms of duration of courses and fees. However, the course curriculum remains the same. Check below some of the courses offered at Beauty and Makeup institutes: 

  • Basic, Advanced and Short-term courses in Makeup 
  • Basic, Advanced, Diploma and Short-term for Beauty Professionals

Q. How much is the cost of a Beautician and Makeup course?

A. Generally, the course fee depends on the duration and level of the courses. However, the course fee for Beautician and Makeup course can be anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs 50, 000 for a diploma or a one-year duration course. 

Q. What are the skills required for Beautician course?

A. A beauty professional need to have passion towards making people beautiful thus, skills required include, exceptional knowledge of beauty products and technician, interpersonal skills, client management, quick learning or proactiveness. Candidates who want to pursue a beautician course should develop basic skills in the starting to complete this course and make a successful career. 

Q. What are the job opportunities after completing a course in beauty and makeup? 

A. Every beauty and makeup institute offers training to make a successful career as a beautician and makeup artists. Many candidates after completing the course grab job offer with leading beauty brands, start their own beauty salon, partner with event management firms, or become personal groomer/ beauty consultants for celebrities. 

Q. What is the best beautician course for better career options?

A. For better career options, one should pursue basic to the advanced beautician and makeup courses. The courses will help to attain the required skills as well as, career advantage. 

Q. Do the beautician and makeup course offer internship?

A. Yes, some of the top institutes offer their students internships after completion of courses. 

Q. Are online makeup and beautician courses available in India?

A. Yes, as the concept of digital learning is spiking up in India, many institutes offering e-learning makeup and beautician courses. 

Q. Can I pursue makeup and beautician courses after Class 12?

A. Yes, one can pursue makeup and beautician courses as early as, after completing class 10 as beauty institutes shortlist candidates who have the creativity and passion towards learning the courses. 

Q. What is the self-makeup course?

A. With digital advantage, many makeups artists are coming up with innovative ideas of sharing videos/ vlogs on social media platforms by showing their skills on themselves. This self-makeup trend has given wide popularity to the makeup artists and, now they have their own channels/ blogs where lakhs of followers learn and appreciate new beauty trends. 

Q. Can I start a franchise with a beauty brand after completing a beautician and makeup course?

A. Yes, after completing a beautician and makeup course, one can fulfill the requirements of beauty brands franchise and, start their own beauty salons.