A video or film editor edits raw footage shot during the making of a movie to create the final cut

What do they do?

Assemble raw footage with camera shot, either recorded or transferred onto video tape, in preparation for inputting into the computer. 

Input uncut rushes and sound, synchronize and store them into files on the computer. 

Digitally cut files to put together the sequence of the film alter deciding what is usable. 

Create a ‘rough cut’ of the program/film and determine the exact cut for the next and final stages 

 Key Skills 

Creativity and visualization skills to edit films aesthetically with high quality. 

Detail oriented to not miss out any minor or major takes that may contribute to video quality. 

Strong hand-eye coordination skills to edit content well in digital media.

Self-motivated and time management skills to work without supervision and deliver on time. 

Education Pathway 

Std X Entrance txansN Graduate Post-Graduate  Bachelor’s Degree in Dioloma in Film Any soeain None Film and Broadcasting/ and Video Editing 

Career Growth

 Level I: Film/Video Sub-Editor

Level 2: Film/Video Editors 

Level 3: Assistant Film/Video Editors  

Level 4: Senior Film/Video Editors 

Companies that currently recruit 

EMPI Institute of Advertising and Communication, Delhi 

LV Prasad Film and TV Academy, Chennai 

Red Chilli Entertainment, AVM Productions