They are responsible for protecting and regenerating forests, protecting wildlife habitats, checking for and fighting wild fires, landscape management and many more.


They are specialising in the scientific study of trees and woody plants. Their work involves research on the history of wildlife, life span, measuring, grading, classifying the varieties of trees, and studying ways and means of tree improvement though afforestation etc.


Ethology is the scientific study of animal behaviour in its natural environment. An ethologist studies and analyses the evolution, behaviour, biological functions etc. of an organism in its natural environment. Enthologists design healthy habitats for animals in zoos, aquarium and laboratories.


They are specialise in the study and controls of diseases caused by inspects and pests.


Silviculture is an aspect of Forestry that refers to the growth of plantations that yield periodic harvest.

Forest Range Officers:

They take care of public forests, sanctuaries, botanical gardens etc. They have conservators, loggers and other junior personnel working with them.

Entry into this post is through the Indian Forest Services (IFS) Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.


12th with Science and followed by Graduation in Forestry or any other specific subjects related with Environment