Environmental Science, brings both natural science as well as social sciences in its fold, and promises bright scopes of employment for environmental scientists. They mainly conduct research to find ways to control pollution and keep the new polluting incursions at bay.

As an environmentalist, you may work as any of the following:


They are concerned with the interrelationship between the various living beings of nature. Ecologists usually have a life sciences background. Their work often involves pure research in a university or government agency setting.


They devote their careers to the protection and judicious use of our natural resources such as soil, water, forests, minerals, wildlife, and grazing lands. Conservation of these is closely related to ecology. While ecologists are interested in studying and understanding the environment as it is, conservationists are interested in using the environment and its resources and in creating a better environment.

Other environmentalists work in social, political, legal, health, and educational arenas to protect the environment. Environmental scientists also conduct researches to find out effective methods and ways to control pollution and keep the new polluting incursions at bay.

Their researches works are not only issues taken up by the non-governmental and the social organizations, but are also related to international issues with respect to the physical environment.

Environment Journalist: They do the job of spreading environmental awareness thought various media. They are naturalists who form the bridge between nature and the mass.


12th with Science with compulsory subjects of Biology or Environment

Career Prospects:




Waste Management

Pollution Control Board