If you feel excited for finding History of monuments, Palaces, Temples, ancient civilization historic places, Than “Archaeology is the right career for you. It involves lot of travelling as well.

Today with the advancement of science and technology, archaeological excavation is no more restricted to land surfaces. In fact, under-water archaeology has added a new dimension to this field. The biggest discovery is finding Dwarka in Gujarat.Such an exciting career full of learning about past and present.

So if that has kindled your interest in the subject further and you are just geared up to follow the footprints of Rakhaldas Banerjee, here are the career options available to you in the field of archaeology.

Major Areas

Bio-Archaeology (study of organic remains found in an archaeological site)     

Geo-Archaeology     (study of sediments deposited on a site)

Forensic – Archaeology (applying archaeological techniques to detect crime)

Civilisations and structures-Temples, Forts & Palaces

Do you feel excited for finding History of monuments and historic places?

Than for you right career will be “Archaeology”.

Eligibility Criteria  

Patience, a deep curiosity about the past and artistic sensibility are absolutely required of you, if you are keen on building a career in archaeology. You must hail from ancient history or archaeology background at graduation or post-graduation level, if you want to take up this career.

Higher studies in the subject are strongly advised in order for you to get better opportunities. You must also have a good ability to work in a team and must be willing to work in any kind of weather condition. Knowledge of language is a great help for archaeologists.