Are you one of those who just relish the fragrance of the moist earth after the first showers? Do you often wish you could always stay close to nature? Well, how about a career that would keep you closes to the earth? 

Answer is “Career in Agriculture” would be a good option for you.

With the advancement of science and technology agriculture is become an extensive field of study, involving both science and commerce and requiring professionals hailing from contrasting backgrounds.

The spectrum of agriculture offers varied opportunities for us:

Agricultural Scientist: They are concerned with all sorts of the scientific researches associated with the field of agriculture. Agriculture scientists may specialize in horticulture (Study of fruits, flowers, indoor plants and vegetable cultivation) pisciculture( Study of Fish Cultivation), Plant Pathology (Study of Plant Diseases) animal science (Working with farm animals) or agronomy (study aiming at improved crop cultivation methods).

Agri-Business: It is concerned with activities related banking, credits, insurance, farm management,cooperative management, land appraisal etc, It is also involve whole sale and retail marketing of agro-products.

Agro-Industry: It refers to any kind of large scale or small scale industry linked to agriculture.

Agricultural Education: It refers to the imparting of agriculture related training and education to governmental agencies, business firms and farm organizations.

Agricultural Journalism: It is the field of agricultural communication, and cover reporting on agricultural stuff for various media.

Government Jobs: The state agricultural department employs huge number of people for development of state in agricultural sector.

Agricultural Engineering: Their aim at improving the agricultural machinery and reconstructing the rural area.

Eligibility Criteria:


Graduate – B.Sc. Agriculture / BE – Agriculture

Post Graduate – M.Sc. Agronomy

Career Prospects:

There is great scope in both private and government bodies. Opening like: Scientists, Engineers, Horticulturist, Researchers, and Field Officers with Banks, Rural Development Officers, and Agricultural Probationary Officers etc.