A police officer is empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property and limit civil disorder. 

What do they do? 

• Enforce the law, catch criminals and collect evidence for committed crime. 

• Testify in court as investigating officers when required for a criminal case. 

• As beat cops. Patrol assigned areas to prevent crime.

•Traffic police officers work to ensure that traffic laws are being followed for the smooth low cod 

• Sub-Inspectors and Inspectors in charge of the police station record FIR( First Information Report) and visit the crime scene 

Key Skills 

• Physical stamina and fitness is an essential quality 

• Ability to focus and be attentive is a skill that will help when dealing with criminal cases 

• Investigative, analytical and logical thinking skills to sift through clues to solve cases 

• Strong commitment to ethics and people’s welfare to ensure that innocent persons are not i harassed.

 • Strong communication skills to convey messages or orders to a wide range of personates

 Education Pathway

 Post-Graduate(Any Stream)

Graduate (Any Stream)

Entrance Exams UPSC 

Career Growth

Level 1:Assistant Sub-Inspector

Level 2: Sub-Inspector

Level 3: Inspector

Level 4: Deputy Superintendent of Police

Level 5: Superintendent of Police Level

Department that currently recruit

 • Central Reserve Police Force 

• City Police Force