A photo journalist or a news photographer is a type of journalist that chronicles news through the use of images. As a visual storyteller their job is to photograph, edit and present images that depict a story in an accurate and unbiased tone. Off-beat photographs can be both news related or just a good photograph of an interesting scene from around the city. 

What do they do? 

Capturing photos of an incident, event, news or story in a clear and visually appealing fashion.

Highlighting most attractive or news worthy feature at an event.

Editing photos and captioning them with details of people, places and events.

Key Skills  

Strong visual sensory abilities

Interest in art and travel to record events, news etc.

Quick reflexes to respond to situations in real time

Confidence in one’s ability and artistic expression

Tactfulness in handling sensitive issues. 

Education Pathway 


Entrance Exams / B.A/ BFA (Journalism)/Photography



Career Growth

Level 1: Staff Photographer

Level 2: Senior Photographer

Level 3: Photo Editor/ Chief Photographer 

Companies that currently recruit 

Hindustan Times 

Getty Image

The Indian Express

The Week

National Geographic