A Radio jockey guides listeners through a radio programme entertains and gives them information. 

What do they do? 

Presenting radio programs

Reaching out to the audience with information about the latest events, what’s new in town, new movies and gossip to hold the audience’s attention, what’s happening in the social circles or some new hot topic that needs opinions. 

Driving an interest in the program by stylized communication skills, to ensure the audience stays – and listens to his or her programs and does it regularly 

Radio advertisements  

Key Skills

Creative flair to captivate the audience

Strong written and oral communication skills 

Good organizational skills coupled with a flexible attitude

Good interpersonal skills. 

Education Pathway 

Std X  Entrance Exams  Graduate Certification Any Stream Bachelor of Arts / Diploma in radio jockey None. 

Career Growth

 Level I: Radio Jockey

Level 2: Programme Manager

Level 3:Assistant Director

Level 4: Director 

Companies that currently recruit.

All India Radio (AIR)-Akashvani

93.5 Red FM

98.3 FM Radio Mirchi

91.1 FM Radio City

94.3 MY FM