Interpreter and translators are closely related careers in different settings. While interpreters convert spoken and material from one language to another, translators convert written material. Both fill a crucial gap in society by helping a diverse population understand and communicate with each other. 

What do they do?

Translating documents from one language to another while maintaining the style and tone 

Interpreting conversations between two or more people

Interacting with linguists and academicians to stay up to date with language norms  

Mediating conversations in official settings 

Key Skills

Presence of mind to deal with situations in real time 

Interpersonal skills  

Strong language skills coupled with meticulousness 

Tactfulness and ability to follow instructions without biases 

Education Pathway

Std XII  

Entrance Exams

Graduate (Any Stream)

BA (Literature)


MA (translation Studies)

 Companies that currently recruit 

Lyric Labs  


Department of Culture, Information & Broadcasting

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Trip Advisor