An Income Tax Officer deals with income tax matters such as assessment. Appeals and collection of taxes. 

What do they do?

 • Examining the income-tax statements declared by the citizens and the companies 

• Verifying the correctness of the financial statements declared 

• Meeting the tax payers and their representatives and sorting out the taxation problems.  

• Assisting in conducting income-tax searches (raids) on the tax payers premises to unearth the . Assets which they might have accumulated without paying axes 

• Tallying (compare) incomes from various sources against tax payer’s declaration. 

• Collecting market information, identifying tax evaders and developing cases for further action. 

• Interpreting laws that govern different types of companies and the rationale of taxing them. 

Key Skills

 • High level of numeracy, analytical, research skills coupled with strong problem-solving skills.

• Strong communication skills, including the ability to convey complex information to clients  Ability to write clear reports. 

Education Pathway 

Post-Graduate Std X. Graduate Entrance Exams None UPSC Any Stream Any Stream 

Career Growth 

 Option I:Via Staff Selection

Option 2:Via UPSC exam 

Level I:Assistant Commissioner

Level 2. Deputy Commissioner

Level I: Income Tax Inspector

Level 2: Income Tax Officer

Level 4: Additional Commissioner

Level 3: Senior Income Tax Office  

Level 4:Assistant Commissioner

Level 5: Deputy Commissioner

Level 6: Chief Commissioner

 Companies that currently recruit 

 • The Indian Income Tax Department