An architect plans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings. 

What do they do? 

Make a basic plan that attends to customer requirements and is safe.

Draw and sketch and build a model of the design for customer approval.

Produce detailed engineering drawings/sketches, including floor plans, exterior building facades, for construction/structural engineers. 

Inspect and perform quality checks during construction to ensure that required safety aspects are being met.

 Key Skills

Spatial skills to be able to vitalize in 3D to create prototypes of buildings

Original and creative thinking skills to create innovative and useful building designs 

Thinking and problem solving skills to identify issues and resolve them 

Focus and attentiveness skills to give each project its due while managing multiple projects  

Education Pathway 


 Entrance Exams


Post-Graduate Science PCM. EE/ NATA B.Architecture None 

Career Growth

 Level I:Junior Architect  

Level 2: Senior Architect  

Level 3: Principal Architect  

Companies that currently recruit

Building and construction firms: Raheja Developers, Purvankara, DLF, Shobha Developers, L&T ECC, GMR Group, GVK 

Government agencies: PWD, City Municipal Corporations where they design city layouts, government buildings etc.

Architecture firms:


Chitra and Associates,

Kembhavi Architecture Foundation, Venkataramanan Associates,

Monarch Architecture,

Khosla Associates