Clinical Research is a scientific study of the effects, risks, efficacy and benefits of a medicinal product, which are carried out prior to the release of a medicine in the market.

These trails are carried out by pharmaceutical companies or contract research organizations (CRO’s) on the company‘s behalf at various staged both before and after the launch of the product to ensure the safety during a large scale use.

Though, not a very new concept in India, the field of Clinical Research is estimated to become the next most booming career in India.

The prevalence of a large variety of diseases, including widespread cases of cancer and diabetes, make India the ideal location for clinical research trails for the pharmaceutical industry.

So,If you are seriously thinking of taking up clinical research as your career of choice, it won’t be a bad bid!

Eligibility Criteria:

12th with Science and Biology and Chemistry as the compulsory subjects with 50% aggregate




Career Prospects:

Clinical Research Associates