A very good career to pursue especially for those who love to interact with people across the world. getting in touch, arranging their travel and itinerary, including business and pleasure trips as per need and budget of the client. Students interested in keeping updated with current affairs and what’s happening around the world plus having keen interest in learning about different cultures in the world are most suitable for this career. 

What do they do? 

• Provide consultation services and/or travel packages to customers based their interests and budget restrictions  

• Book flights, cruises, rental cars hotels, resort stays, events, etc. 

• Provide services to companies for team outings, employer-sponsored vacations, or work-related .travel  Understand client’s itinerary and convey important information such as weather conditions, travel advisory, required documents for their destination

 • For international clients especially keep abreast of the latest news to help clients have a safe trip. 

Key Skills

 • Service oriented and interpersonal skills to interact with clients, understand their requirements,and provide necessary advice

 • Actively monitor the situation in various countries/cities, learn of any new visa or travel requirements 

• Decision making and problem solvingskills to weigh pros and cons to solve problems quicky. 

• Coordination and information ordering skills to keep track of client records, documentation for different countries, lists of travel destinations, tourist centres.  

Education Pathway

Std XII  (Any Stream)

Entrance Exams

Graduate (Travel Tourism/Public)

Post-Graduate (Masters in Travel Mgmt.)

Career Growth 

Level I: Administrative Manager Consultant

Level 2: Ticketing Consultant

Level 3: Retail Travel

Level 4 Retail Travel Manager

Level 5: Business Development

Level 6: General Manager

Companies that currently recruit