An Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer is employed by the Government to take care of the country’s external affairs, including diplomacy trade and cultural relations. IFS officer are employed by the Government of India in the Department of. External Affairs and are also called Diplomats. Building relationships with people of different foreign nationalities is a very important aspect of this role. 

What do they do?

 • Promote India’s interests abroad and provide assistance to Indian nationals living abroad.  Execute prescribed duties when posted in the Political/Economic/Commerce/Consular Administrative/Cultural wing of an Indian Embassy abroad or as Consul at an Indian Consulate for. a period of three years

• Learn about the country they are posted in and build relationships with businesses and other . cultural organizations to promote healthy and harmonious dialogue with India. 

Key Skills

 • Financial and personnel resources management skills to manage money and people ethically 

• Critical thinking and problem solving skills to identify and solve problems. 

• Meticulous work ethics Interpersonal skills to convey ideas and tasks effectively to people from differing backgrounds. 

• Service oriented, strong-willed, emotionally stable and holistic 

Training Academy:

All IFS Officer trained at Indira Gandhi National Forest Research Institute at Dehradun Uttarakhand, commonly known as FRI Dehradun.

Education Pathway 

Post-Graduate Std XI Entrance Exams Graduate. UPSC. Any Stream None Any Stream. 

Career Growth

 Level I: Probationary Officer Third Secretary

Level 2: Second Secretary Level 6: Ambassador/ High Commissioner

Level 3: First Secretary

Level 4: Counselor 

Level 5: Deputy Chief of Mission/ Deputy High. Commissioner

Ministry that currently recruit

  • Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India 

• Indian Consulates and Embassies across the world